the personal livesafer - Xili is a multifunctional bracelet which is able to be your own livesafer in emergency situations.
UX-Design, Invention Design | 3rd Bachelor Semester | SS 2017

Imagine your grandmother falls and nobody is there...

Roughly ten percent of all victims involved in accidents would have a greater potential to survive. People
are fearing to assist because they feel a lack of knowledge and do not trust their own capability.

But who ist the Xili bracelet for?
Xili is a bracelet for many target groups. One of the most important one is the group of older people. Often they live alone in households and nobody notices when an accident happens. Furthermore, Xili can be used by athletes in outdoor sports or simply by people who want to feel safe.

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Xili is an important communication bridge which is immedietly active in emergency situation.

Xili is a multifunctional bracelet which „helps to help“. Xili recognizes accidents and takes action. The bracelet checks the emergency intensity and according to this it can notify the emergency service. With its help rescue workers can give initial aid instruction through Xili. Xili is able to be your own livesafer.

How does it work?

In order to cover all scenarios, we analysed different cases. We have determined that the diagnostic procedure is the same for every case:

If a Xili carrier falls, this action is detected by giro sensors. The bracelet begins to vibrate and thus checks the state of consciousness of the accident victim. After this procedure there are different case possibilities.

Conscious. The victim is conscious and can abort the further process. She or he is calling a stored SOS contact through the bracelet. At the same time, the location is automatically transmitted to the called helper.

Unconscious-no helper. The victim does not respond to the vibration of Xili. The braclet accepts this person‘s unconsciousness and realizes that she needs help from others. Xili illuminated in a red warning light and emits a loud SOS alarm.

Unconscious-helper appears. If a potential helper was made aware of the injured person and enters in a certain radius, Xili activates the call to the emergency doctor. First accident information can be exchanged and first aid instructions can be given until the rescue services arrive.

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UX-Design, Invention Design
3rd Bachelor Semester, SS 2017
HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd
Customer Journey, Szenario Building, Prototyping, User Testing

Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, Arduino
supervised by
Prof. Jörg Beck

Jonas Rossner, Emily Jäger, Laura Humpfer, Rana Cakir