Openmoji is an open source icon library with a large variety of categories which started with 24 students of the HfG in Schwäbisch Gmünd.
Icon-Design | 4th Bachelor Semester | WS 2017/18

"Emoji are indispensable for daily communication."

They are practical (👍), funny (😆) and sometimes quite bizarre (💩🤪🙀🧟), but not only that. Now it becomes feasible to say things and convey meanings that were previously impossible. In this project Interaction Design and Communication Design students worked together on a common project, a universal open-source emoji and icon library.

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Consistent styleguide

The aim was to create a library that contains a variety of emojis and icons, which can be used for different purposes. The extensive set and the established guidelines have been published that the Icon Library can be used and be further developed by many users under real conditions.

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4th Bachelor Semester
WS 2017/18
HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd
brand building, styleguide

Adobe Illustrator, pixel, paper, pen
supervised by
Prof. Benedikt Groß and Prof. Marc Guntow

group of 24 people