#NextGenerationMenopause - Lili and its lifelike services and products supports women through their menopausal years who are struggling with a lack of education, symptoms and social incomprehension.
Strategic Design | 1st Master Semester | SS 2020

»…ignored, misunderstood, because it’s hidden, you can’t actually see it«

Menopause - a topic that is still too rarely and reluctantly discussed. However, sooner or later it affects 50% of the world's population. Like puberty and menstruation, menopause is part of a woman's life. Every day women enter menopause. The menopause is often accompanied by physical and psychological problems. Due to a drastic drop in hormones, hot flashes, sleep disturbances and mood swings make things difficult for women. In both private and public life, menopause is still often considered a taboo subject. Help is sought at the gynaecologist, but health insurance companies do not honour counselling sessions. As a result, counselling sessions are very brief and superficial. "Not only the menopause itself but also how we deal with it makes us ill," explains Mariann Gellai, a menopausal consultant.

We want to support women

in their menopausal years who are struggling with a lack of education, symptoms and social incomprehension. The focus here is on women who are particularly challenged in their jobs. We want to offer exactly these women the possibility to deal with stress and symptoms. Watch the explanatory and product video:

Symptoms and stress often interact,

which is why women who are particularly challenged at work are usually more affected by symptoms. Lili helps women to get to know the own body in order to improve the quality of life and to remove the current taboo topic from the world. Because we believe that the symptoms of the menopause shouldn‘t affect the quality of life for women!


The Lili.Event brings women and their friends together with a trained menopausal consultant. The women and their individual experiences are the focus of the Lili.Event. At this event, supporting everyday companions are also presented.


The more the user works together with the Lili.App, the more contexts between stress in everyday life and symptoms can be understood. The Lili.App summarizes all data and gives individual tips. At the same time, more empathy is created in the people‘s environment and the topic of menopause is freed from taboos.


The Lili.Bracelet is a wearable and can track various vital data and warn in case of a symptom. Additionally it offers the data basis for the corresponding Lili.App. The bracelet is not intended to be another addition to the market of countless smart watches or fitness trackers, but to motivate and empower women.

Enjoy more of the!

Design and Management Project
1st Master Semester, 2020
HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd
Stakeholder Analyze, Value Propostion, Porters Five Forces, SWOT-Analyze, Business Model Canvas, Brand Building, Prototyping, User Testing

Figma, Photoshop, Adobe Dimension, Miro
supervised by
Prof. Barnhöfer and Thomas Schönweitz

Marina Rost, Anna Jeske, Carina Kraus, Rana Cakir