– your digital family companion. famileon is a reliable web platform that accompanies (expectant) parents and young families in the first years of their children's lives. It offers informative and bureaucratic support for upcoming processes and tasks.
Strategic Design | Master Thesis | SS 2021

In the first years of their children's lives, all parents go through the same, often bureaucratic, process steps. From pregnancy to finding a day care centre, there are a number of formalities to take into account. In their new role, many parents experience uncertainty about what organisational tasks they will have to deal with, what family benefits they are entitled to or what formalities are required. Confusing formalities around the birth in particular contribute to parents seeing the organisational processes as a stress factor. Childcare places, which are considered a prerequisite for a good work-life balance, are in short supply nationwide due to the ongoing shortage of skilled workers. The difficulty of finding childcare is one of the major factors influencing parental planning uncertainty.

your digital family companion

famileon is a reliable web platform for (expectant) parents and young families in the first years of their children's lives. Depending on the respective family phase, tailored information is provided to assist with bureaucratic processes nationwide. As a digital family companion, this strategic solution concept offers parents support, prepares them for upcoming tasks in their new role as parents and promotes equal care.

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Master Thesis
3rd Master Semester
SS 2021
HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd
Stakeholder Analyze, Problem Define Workshops, Persona, SWOT, Value Proposition Canvas, Business Model Canvas, Ideation Workshop, Prototyping, Quantitative Survey, Usability Testing

Figma, Miro, Adobe Illustrator, After Effects
supervised by
Prof. Gabriele Reichert and Prof. Carmen Hartmann-Menzel

Sina Schulz, Rana Cakir