Hello again ­čĹő My name is Rana Cakir and I am from Stuttgart. In 2019 I have completed my Bachelor in Interaction Design at the University of Applied Sciences (HfG) in Schw├Ąbisch Gm├╝nd. I am currently writing my master's thesis in Strategic Design* at HfG.

What does a Strategic Designer* do?

As a strategic designer, I stand in the development role within an innovation process. Through the analysis of different environments, new potentials can be exploited by considering different influencing factors and perspectives.

Design methods are my tools for understanding complex systems and serve me as a communication aid in the role of a mediator between different actors or sectors.

With an overview of the disciplines of design, management and research, I can develop solution concepts. Above all, the concepts should be user-centred and work across systems. I love diving into topics outside the industry and, especially, address socially relevant issues. I am also interested in topics that have not been addressed enough in our society.

What are my favorite skills?


Through many projects in the team, I was able to acquire essential skills. One of these are the understanding of the relevance of transparent communication and being very familiar with project management.

Design Methods

My repertoire of design and management methods represents my tools for different project phases. They can be used to identify problem areas, gain empathy, generate ideas and develop solution concepts.


A great sense of empathy helps for a deeper understanding of people's problems and realities. Because problem-oriented and user-centred work is the premise of strategic design.

Visual Design & Communication

I love bringing concepts to life through user interfaces or other means. Even a small prototype has magical powers on customers and employees. It may sound trivial, but design thrives on being communicated to the outside world.


Master: Strategic Design
2020 - 2021 (3 semester)
HfG Schw├Ąbisch Gm├╝nd

Bachelor: Interaction Design
2016 - 2019 (7 semester)
HfG Schw├Ąbisch Gm├╝nd


Master Thesis: Sparkassen Versicherung AG, Stuttgart
Department: Innovation Management
February - August 2021

Working Student: Trumpf Gmbh+Co.KG., Ditzingen
Department: User Experience
July - September 2019

Working Student: Trumpf Gmbh+Co.KG., Ditzingen
Department: User Experience
October 2018 - March 2019

Internship: Daimler AG, Sindelfingen
Department: User Interaction
March - August 2019


Graphic, UI Design, prototype & collaborate
Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Premiere, Sketch, Figma, Axure, Miro, html/css

Do you want more information about my vita? Then please contact me via LinkedIn :)